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Volume XIV, Issue: 4

以下是Vantage Points在5月27日的毕业典礼上分享博迪·布里曾丹(Bodie Brizendine)致2021届毕业生的告别词, 2021. Happy summer and happy finding “和谐.” 

我曾经听人说过,智力是一个人对环境的反应,而不是你有多少学位, not all the A’s or the best GPA ever, but rather how one works, lives and thrives in the world in which they live. If that’s the case, 然后 all of you, now holding a Spence diploma, 是365bet体育所知道的最聪明的年轻人吗.  
During this pandemic, you studied, 放大, lived in your rooms, your kitchens, your dining rooms, for days in a row, and you built a way out of no way. 你不仅活了下来,而且茁壮成长,充分利用它,创造了新的生存方式. 1910年,克拉拉·斯彭斯(Clara Spence)写道:“思考意味着添加以前没有出现过的东西。.” In ways far beyond Clara’s intention, the something added this year made you think, 事实上, and in different and important ways. It made you think. But you did something else as well. 你在自己身上找到了某种和谐,在别人身上找到了某种和谐. 我说的不是“一切都是善”的月亮世界,因为寻求和谐并不一定意味着创造幸福.  
而不是, seeking harmony means finding, in its Greek origins, harmos, 一个美丽的希腊词,被定义为平行段落. 说得好……平行的段落:不是同一段,而是平行的段落. 你可以看到另一条路,你甚至可以欣赏它:你只是不在它上面. 和谐必须从对自我的良好理解开始, a sort of inward beholding, 来自于严格的反思. 爱尔兰人对此有一个很好的词:他们称之为“stirabout”……某种唤醒灵魂和改变世界的东西, and always with self as the agent. 有时,和谐来自于哲学或宗教基础柏拉图曾说过, “灵魂从一开始就知道365bet体育是谁”或圣. 奥古斯丁问道,“我的心藏在哪里??”    
Whatever the source, 然而, without that self-understanding, 你可能会变得容易受到自己的困扰:你走自己的路, the only possible one. 当然,这就是伟大的文学作品的来源,这些作品的插图不胜枚举. 例如,听一听那个不可抑制的斯塔布从哪里来的吧 白鲸记 对他的同船的闪电侠低声议论那个极不和谐的亚哈船长:"闪电侠,你可要记住他呀? The chick that’s in him pecks the shell.一旦你开始了解并反思自己, 然后, and perhaps only 然后, 你准备好把自己放在一边并移情了吗?这是一种理解的能力,在它的背后有你的全部力量, without it actually being about you.  

In the middle of her years, writer and philosopher, George Eliot, 勇敢地离开了传统的宗教信仰,去寻找属于自己的精神领域. This was not an easy breaking away. On the contrary, it was extremely difficult with family, friends and social standing all in the balance. 但这确实解放了她的思想,让她想象不同的认知方式. 最终, she came to categorize three levels of knowledge, each one more significant than the one preceding it. The lowest level of knowing is opinion, assumptions made through observations; the second is fact, something provable, 混凝土, 真正的. 最后一个, and the highest, 是同情, that hard-to-achieve understanding of others, allowing for that harmony of many paths, not just the one you’re on. 对艾略特来说,同理心既是一种激励,也是一种渴望. This is hard work, she tells us.
Le-Young Lee, one of my favorite poets writes, “无论从哪扇窗户望出去,月亮都是它的一部分.” So, seeing the moon, 太阳, literature, 不公正, 历史或世界需要对不同的观点有持久的理解,然后你才能祈祷一个共同的观点.  
And, oh, what you can do with this harmony. 你可以回馈社会,你可以帮助别人,你可以做出可以积少成多的小改变. You can do good…or at least try to. 
This, 太, is the stuff of literature. As my class knows, 我最喜欢的角色之一就是永远忠诚的战士, 肯特, who never leaves King Lear’s side, 即使李尔王犯了一个又一个致命的错误, 即使在李尔王放逐了他,并用自己的生命威胁他之后. 带着纯洁的爱和深切的共鸣,肯特满怀爱意地挑战李尔王,告诉他:“好好看看李尔王。.” Simple as that. 看到更好的. We all need a 肯特 in our lives, 希望365bet体育能比李尔更有准备地听他的, her or they. 希望365bet体育能够在两条不同的道路上,在一起驾驭一点和谐.
And to each of you, as you leave Spence, 你曾是这个世界的一部分,即使你们分开时不得不在一起,想想你将要走的路之外的路, 想想看月亮,同时知道今天在座的每个人都在看它, 不过是从不同的角度看问题.Two parallel paths, together: harmony.

并且知道, 太, 365bet体育将在这独一无二的一年里,怀念和珍惜你们作为2021届的一员. We will never forget you. How could we, ever?
我以琳达·帕斯坦的一首诗作为结尾——这是一首父母的诗, 庆祝即将离你而去的岁月——一首和谐共存的诗:你准备好了, and you will be dearly missed. 

“To a Daughter Leaving Home”—Linda Pastan
When I taught you
at eight to ride
loping along
as you wobbled away
on two round wheels
my own mouth rounding
in surprise when you pulled
ahead down the curved
path of the park
I kept waiting
for the thud
of your crash as I
sprinted to catch up,
while you grew
smaller, more breakable
with distance,
pumping, pumping
for your life, screaming
with laughter,
the hair flapping
behind you like a 
handkerchief waving

我感谢你们所有人在这美好的岁月里今天相聚在一起.  May we all seek harmony and love all the days ahead.

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